Software Development

Development of custom software

We carry out highly customized requirements for which there is no specific software in the market or the cost of this one escapes the budgeted investment. To carry out these developments, we use the latest generation technologies. In each development we strictly consider:

User-centered design

We focus on creating experiences beyond the products or services, the user is the main focus throughout the development process

We use a user focus from the beginning of the product development process, collecting data in a structured, systematic and objective way. Our experience in development indicates that user-centered design pays more for effort.


Through usability we create software and websites with a clear and efficient functionality, which eliminate confusing aspects, in order to maximize the good user experience. Using usability tests we can corroborate the results obtained and guarantee that the product meets the user’s expectations.



Throughout the development process, the client has control over the creation of their app in order to avoid any bias between the developed and desired, thus obtaining a software that perfectly meets the requirements.

Development of mobile applications

Development of apps for Android

We develop particularly for Android, which is a far-reaching platform that will allow all ideas to be transformed into an appli with fantastic results. We don´t build any app, we build your app. In Qubit our mission is to help your business with the best possible app that suits your needs.

We make sure that each app is safe and stable, we can also design interfaces in detail and very useful, resulting in an intuitive app.

We develop native apps for Android focusing on mobile corporate solutions such as, for example, focused on improving sales, workflows, logistics, etc., as well as mobile solutions for end users.

We develop multiplatform mobile apps that allow us to generate software that will work on different devices, regardless of the operating system they use

Development of multiplatform applications

Desarrollamos aplicaciones móviles multiplataforma que nos permiten generar software que funcionará en diferentes dispositivos, independiente del sistema operativo que usen.

We develop multiplatform mobile apps that allow us to generate software that will work on different devices, regardless of the operating system they use.
In this way, you can have a system that is mobile, being able to generate access to your information from anywhere and at any time, using tablets or smartphones. By generating a single application for several platforms, you will reduce costs and times.

The current world is demanding mobility and availability of your data from any location. Update your critical software systems to meet that need and stay ahead of the curve.

Apps and Websites

Development of Apps and Websites

We specialize in creating functional websites with good look. Our main advantage is the connection between graphic design professionals and people with experience in programming to offer a balanced site between nice look and functionality.

Understanding the important aspects and the theories of good design, we can easily increase the usability, accessibility and effectiveness of any website. We can create them at low cost and have effective and customized results to the needs of our customers.

Each of the programmers and designers involved is prepared to consider all the details and generate a good balance between content and graphic design. It is important to maintain the balance to have a positive feedback with the visitors of the website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The concept of Search Engine Optimization has become a very popular term due to the high traffic that it is possible to route to your website from search engines such as Google, Yandex, Yahoo! or Bing. Thanks to the knowledge we have in the development of websites, we can substantially improve the visibility of your website.

Websites that meet the standards

We can create sites that meet the W3C standards, using the available validators to ensure compliance with the highest web standards when writing HTML, Java and CSS among others.