Cyber Security

Vulnerability management

In many occasions you may feel that you are against a world of attackers, all struggling to achieve one of their vulnerabilities.
Some security teams are trained to maintain the defense in perpetuity, many others not. To level the playing field, we can support you to maintain the security of your systems and, ultimately, your information.
Our team can help you maintain a comprehensive security program that is well managed and constantly evolving, you won´t need to hire internal staff. We will be in charge of maximizing your investment, delivering talent and technology, managing the requirements and generating a security program with constant revisions and vulnerability scans. Our vulnerability management service offers periodic evaluations and concise reports, which allows for greater productivity saving time and costs.

Penetration tests

In both security and life, the weaknesses that are most difficult to identify are their own. We will look for and document your weaknesses with the vision of considering them before an attacker exploits them. We replicate the attacker’s mind and perform attacks in a controlled way to test their systems.
We are constantly checking publications, articles and recent documentation in the field of cybersecurity in order to mantain our clients protected against the most recent attacks.

We offer:

  • Penetration test service to the network
  • Penetration test service for wireless networks
  • Penetration test service for web apps
  • Penetration test service for mobile apps
  • Penetration test service of social engineering