About Us

We are a group of independent experts who work together to offer the best-customized solutions for our clients. The work we do is divided into two fundamental areas: software development and cybersecurity. In software development we are oriented to create desktop apps, development of web sites or apps, as well as apps for mobile devices. In the cybersecurity area , we focus on keeping both its tangible assets and networks and servers safe, as well as its most precious intangible asset: information. We carry out controlled attacks on your systems to identify security gaps in order to subsequently monitor your systems and design an action plan to keep your information safe.

Why Choose Us?

The Qubit or QUantum BIT eis a concept born from quantum computing analogous to the BIT (Binary Digit) corresponding to the minimum unit of information currently used in computing. In this way our company takes the concept of Qubit that represent the fundamental idea of delivering solutions focused on the future, but in the present time complementing this with our proposal to deliver a product or customized service according to the needs of the client, differentiating in quality, commitment and cost.


Deliver technological solutions both hardware and software maintaining a constant search for improvements based on information technologies. We use visible processes in order to obtain a result according to the client’s needs and thus strengthen their projects.


To be a recognized organization with regard to software development and information security, standing out for the quality of its services, products and commitment to the client, thus satisfying the technological needs of small and medium-sized companies.