We are a group of independent experts who work together to offer the  best-customized solutions for our clients. The work we do is divided into two fundamental areas: software development and cybersecurity. We focus on fully complying with the exclusive requirements that each of our clients may have in both areas.

We can help you with:

Custom Software

We carry out highly customized requirements for which there is no specific software in the market or the cost of this one escapes the investment budgeted by your company. We use the latest technologies to realize the development of your platform

Mobile application Development

We specialize in creating apps for mobile devices both dependent on the platform. We create dynamic and interactive apps to take them to a wide range of devices. In Qubit our mission is to help your business with the best possible app that suits your needs.

Apps and Websites

We specialize in creating apps and websites that are functional and with good look. Our main advantage is the connection between graphic design professionals and people with experience in programming to offer a balanced site between nice look and functionality.

Vulnerability Management

We identify holes in your systems that can be used for an attack and help you close them. Our work is not limited to the scanning and search of vulnerabilities, but also incorporates a rigorous process that ensures that the problem is solved.

Penetration Tests (PenTest)

With this practice we attack in a controlled way their own systems just as an attacker would in order to detect security breaches. These tests are focused on verifying your systems against tech, processes and people that could become potential problems.

Security Operations(SecOP)

We review your facilities in general: data centers, server rooms, physical servers, virtual machines and any device that your network has to keep it monitored improving your security, protecting your physical assets and those related to your information.

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